IoT Security Suite

Subex Secure IoT Security suite is a comprehensive IoT cybersecurity offering designed to discover and secure connected devices and infrastructure. It provides a safety net that mitigates threats and provides unprecedented visibility across device types and subsystems, enabling businesses to make informed decisions on their security posture.

Using a robust three-tier detection strategy based on signatures, heuristics, and machine learning-based anomaly detection it identifies and remediates threats in uniquely IoT and converged networks across IT, OT, IoT, and cloud environments. Based on up-to-the-minute threat intel from the largest honeypot infrastructure, it protects your infrastructure from sophisticated attacks such as zero-day, APTs, malware, ransomware, and others.

Subex Secure is a non-intrusive and vertically agnostic solution. Our unique methodology for securing a connected and constrained ecosystem using a multi-layered approach and our consulting practice has helped our customers stay protected from diverse and advanced threats.

How can Subex Secure help your business:

  • Agentless solution backed by the largest IoT specific Honeypot networks
  • Protection powered by vertical-focused threat libraries
  • Discovers and identifies every device within the range of a distributed network with attack surfaces uncovered.
  • Conducts DPI and Payload analysis with signature-based detection and Heuristics to provide contextual pattern-based analysis
  • Continuously analyzes device behavior for suspicious activity with supervised and unsupervised learning techniques.
  • When appropriate, take automated, customized action against malicious behavior
  • Maintain network access control, gain real-time visibility

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