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Cybersecurity for Utilities Firms

Utility companies have been attacked globally in the past leading to power outage, loss of control of water treatment plants, bricking of smart meters and damage to smart infrastructure. Subex’s own study across 62 cities across the world has shown that utility firms register a critical attack almost once every 72 minutes. This includes reconnaissance, equipment tampering, data pilferage and more.


Securing utility infrastructure is not easy. There are vulnerable assets across all aspects of operations starting from power transmission units to smart meters.
Common threats faced by the industry include:

  • Sabotage of crucial infrastructure
  • Leak of data
  • Rogue inside activity
  • DNS hacking
  • Use of stealthy and polymorphic malware
  • Crypto mining

Subex has been securing utility companies since the last two years. We have worked with power transmission and distribution companies, water distribution companies and smart entering companies to secure the entire lifecycle of their offerings beginning from control center operations to transmission security and finally to smart meters. For utility companies, we offer a hardened and robust IoT, OT and IT cybersecurity solution, managed security services, security operations center and cybersecurity consulting. These facilities are backed by the largest threat intelligence gathering facility in the world run by Subex.
Get in touch with us now to secure your transmission and distribution operations, develop your cyber resilience posture and risk-proof your assets, capital investments and revenue.


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