Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Cybersecurity

Oil and gas as a sector is among the most attacked ones in cyberspace. In 2019, facilities across the globe witnessed an average 45 percent spike in inbound cyberattacks. Third-party research has shown that any point in time, up to 2 percent of annual revenues of an oil and gas entity is at direct risk from cyberattacks.

Oil And Gas

Operations such as exploration (probe and detection), drilling, refining are more vulnerable to cyberattacks. SCADA systems linked to these operations are often attacked to make operators lose control over various operations. This presents a safety hazard as well as. Common threats faced by the sector include:

  • Sabotage of crucial infrastructure
  • Leak of data such as those pertaining to oil find
  • Rogue inside activity
  • Espionage
  • DNS hacking
  • Use of stealthy and polymorphic malware
  • Crypto mining

Subex has been securing oil and gas sector since the last two years. We have worked with oil and gas companies to secure the entire crude oil lifecycle beginning from upstream activities such as probing and exploration to midstream and downstream operations across transport and retail. For oil and gas companies, we offer a hardened and robust IoT, OT and IT cybersecurity solution, managed security services, security operations center and cybersecurity consulting. These facilities are backed by the largest threat intelligence gathering facility in the world run by Subex.
Get in touch with us now to secure your oil and gas operations, develop your cyber resilience posture and risk-proof your assets, capital investments and revenue.

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