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Smart cities are vulnerable to two kinds of attacks. One targeting utilities and the other targeting the command and control center of a smart city. In the words of a prominent security researcher, as of today, it is easier to hack into a smart city than hacking into a phone. Small wonder that every year since 2010, utility companies and other smart city components have witnessed at least one major attack culminating either in public nuisance or in revenue losses.

IoT security solutions

The ever-escalating and coordinated attacks targeting cities’ datacenters, command & control infrastructure, utilities, public safety and peripheral systems such as smart lighting, parking and transport are now expanding in scale. Hackers are getting brazen and sophisticated while targeting the IT,OT and IoT infrastructure of cities. Today, the average cost of a breach ranges from $900,000 to over a million and a half (this does not include the infrastructure recovery costs).

Subex a certified vendor for federal and government projects, is at the forefront of securing cities from threats that span across IT, OT, IoT and ICS ecosystems. Subex Secure is agentless, non-intrusive and built for discovery, detection, mitigation and protection from the entire cyber kill-chain. Our solution secures smart city infrastructure including systems and sub-systems, data, assets and networks from these sophisticated threats.

Proof of Value – read how we are securing the Town of Florence – Arizona here, here and here.

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Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to evaluate your cyber vulnerabilities

Threat assessment lab for studying current and emerging cyber threats

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