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IoT security collaboration with campuses

60 percent of top 50 colleges and universities around the world have deployed an innovation lab on their premises. A lab serves to expand your student engagement drive, drives innovation and strengthens your placement initiatives. It fortifies your brand and pushes your campus into a leadership league of its own serving to attract high potential students.


The Internet of Things is fast turning into the biggest employment generation segment. By 2025, there will be a demand for nearly 5 million skilled employees in the IoT segment in India alone. This demand will be bolstered by countries that have launched IoT projects but do not have the academic infrastructure to generate trained IoT-ready workforce.

The IoT security segment within the larger IoT umbrella is expected to be the single largest employment generator accounting for as much as 25 percent of all IoT jobs created. If your campus offers an IoT curriculum, you are half way there as far as preparing IoT-ready students is concerned. If you have a IoT and Security lab, your campus will stand out and gain a clear competitive advantage.

Subex has developed a unique concept to help educational institutions leverage IoT security as an enabler for academic excellence and student success. As a pioneer in the Internet of Things security space, we understand the domain and its dynamics well.

We can partner with your educational institutional to establish a fully functional IoT Centre of Excellence in your campus. We will not just set up the facility which includes a fully functional lab but also train your staff to run and manage it.
This lab will also help your institution build its reputation as an IoT security center of excellence thereby gaining access to new funding sources and climbing the ladder of educational ranking. Overall it is an investment in academic excellence and institutional and student success.


The IoT Security Center of Excellence will include :

Fully functional IoT security lab with equipment and software
Access to Subex cybersecurity experts, expertise and training resources
Positioning workshops to educate teams from your institution on leveraging the CoE to promote your academic brand
Report on your cybersecurity readiness from our experts
Opportunities to collaborate with Subex on live projects

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