Cyber security for armed forces

Defense establishments and assets are constantly in the cross hairs of hackers, geo-political adversaries and other special interest groups. Often, malware targeted towards vital installations is found lurking in the IT infrastructure of such establishments. By the time they are detected and isolated, critical data is exfiltrated and systems rendered inoperable. Such attacks can do more damage than an actual instance of combat.

Cyber security forces

Subex has been working with armed forces around the world to secure their vital installations and assets. We understand their unique cyber protection needs and this understanding has gone into us formulating three custom offerings for armed forces. Our offerings secure data communication, detect and isolate various types of malware and advance persistent threats while giving enough data to study and analyze patterns, strategies and tactics of adversaries.

Our offerings

Subex secure for all-round cyber security
Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to evaluate your cyber vulnerabilities
Threat assessment lab for studying current and emerging cyber threats

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