Connected Cars

Cybersecurity for connected cars

Connected cars are moving targets for hackers. They can be targeted in a variety of ways. With the architecture of connected cars getting more complex, more gaps are emerging that are increasing the risk, providing more surface area for threat actors and malware. The number of threats are also growing as more and more models of connected cars are introduced including some without adequate levels of security.


Common threats faced by the connected cars include:

  • Digital hijacking and induced loss of vehicle control
  • Pilferage of data
  • Manipulation of driver information or driving data
  • Reconnaissance and malware seeding
  • DNS hacking
  • Crypto mining
  • DDoS attacks on infrastructure

Subex has been securing connected cars globally since the last two years. Through our solution, services and consulting inputs, connected car manufactures can introduce more secure vehicles without compromising on any functionality or feature. Through our connected car offerings, we plug all vulnerabilities, secure data streams and digital interactions, networks, nodes and help identify and address cyberattacks and malware before they can cause any damage.


Our offerings are backed by the largest threat intelligence gathering facility in the world run by Subex. We also have the biggest threat library focused on connected cars today.

Get in touch with us now to understand the threats to connected cars, risk mitigation strategies, developing a comprehensive cyber resilience posture and securing all aspects of operations.

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