Maritime Cybersecurity

Cybersecuring Maritime Assets

Maritime assets are a key target for hackers and malware developers. This is one aspect of maritime operations that has a direct bearing on your margins and profitability. While the Not Petya attack was not a specific one, Golden Gallon and Dark Overlord represent targeted attacks as also the evolution of specific actors and vectors to target specific aspects of maritime operations.


As of 2019, there were over 6000 unique and maritime sector specific samples of malware detected by us. These were the most critical ones having unique morphology, stealth and attack features. We expect these detections to rise in 2020. In 2019 February, a vessel was attacked off the coast of US and the hackers tried to gain control over the navigation systems. Pirates in the Indian Ocean Region and beyond have also started using malware to attack vessels to demand ransom.

To help you address your maritime cybersecurity needs Subex offers these solutions/capabilities:

On-shore security operations center to secure networks, data, vessels, communication and other assets
Security consulting services to help you figure out the best threat management approach
Managed services to help you scale your security initiatives
Subex Secure, our cybersecurity solution that is today securing assets and critical infrastructure across the globe


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