Critical Infrastructure

Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is a vital pillar of every nation’s economy. This is also the reason why it attracts the maximum number of sophisticated attacks from all kinds of actors. Railway networks, data centers, connected ports and highways, smart grids and other elements are often at the receiving end of sophisticated attacks launched by actors with or without state affiliation.


Through such attacks, the actors involved try to disrupt the infrastructure and harm the national economy and\or cause huge loss of capital.
Common threats faced by the sector include:

  • Digital sabotage
  • Pilferage of data
  • DDoS attacks on data centers
  • Reconnaissance and malware seeding
  • DNS hacking
  • Crypto mining
  • Bricking of assets

Subex has been securing critical infrastructure globally since the last two years. We are currently working with smart cities, power and water entities, infrastructure projects and government ministries and departments to secure their data, assets and capital through our solution, services and consulting inputs. Through these offerings we plug all vulnerabilities, secure data streams and digital assets and help identify and address cyberattacks and malware before they can cause any damage.
For these entities, we offer a hardened and robust IoT, OT and IT cybersecurity solution, managed security services, security operations center and cybersecurity consulting. These facilities are backed by the largest threat intelligence gathering facility in the world run by Subex.

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