Cybersecurity for enterprises

Enterprises are among the most attacked sectors. In the first quarter of 2020 alone, sophisticated cyberattacks on enterprises have grown as much as 51 percent. The full extent of these attacks including the monetary implications will become clear in the next few months. As the world adjusts to the ‘New normal’ brought about by the pandemic, enterprises will find themselves at the receiving end of attacks of increasing complexity and stealth.

Cybersecurity For Enterprises
cloud-based infrastructure

Enterprise cybersecurity covers protecting your on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure and assets that connect to or include third-party providers. For enterprises that have deployed the Internet of Things (IoT), this includes protecting the connected endpoints. In addition to virtual defenses, businesses also need to be protected from cyberattacks that rely on social engineering. All forms of digital barriers can be undone by hackers exploiting the emotional aspects of employees to lure them into revealing their credentials.

While a firewall in addition to data encryption, helps, what is more, important is having a solution that is built for enterprise security. Subex has been securing enterprises of all sizes globally for the last three years. We are currently protecting enterprises by securing their data, assets, IoT, and OT deployments and capital through our solution, services, and consulting capabilities. Through our offerings, we plug all vulnerabilities, secure data streams, and digital assets and help identify and address cyberattacks and malware before they can cause any damage.

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Reduce risks, improve business confidence and credibility
A strong cybersecurity partner goes beyond just protecting your assets. Our collaboration can reduce risks, improve credibility, and help your business comply with various cybersecurity mandates.

For enterprises, we offer Subex Secure, a hardened and robust IoT, OT and IT cybersecurity solution, managed security services, security operations center-based protection, and cybersecurity consulting. Our offerings are backed by the largest threat intelligence gathering facility in the world operated by Subex.

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