COVID-19 Communication

Important Communication on Protection Measures and Business Continuity from Subex

As global concern about the current COVID-19 outbreak grows, we’re doing our best to prioritize the well-being of our employees and customers. We wanted to share some steps we are taking.


Protecting our employees and customers

What we are doing:

As our employees interact with customers and the general public, we have taken steps to limit their exposure to the virus. We have put restrictions on travel, are postponing large-scale events, limiting the size of meetings, providing remote-work support and solutions, and continue to reinforce safe behavior in every environment – including partner locations, businesses and our own offices where we have ramped up deep-cleaning. Periodic guidelines are issued to all our employees and partners to ensure we are all aligned in our response to this pandemic.

We are partnering with manufacturers to source as many sanitizers and protective supplies as possible and are prioritizing distribution to our customer-facing locations. Additionally, we have protocols in place that activate closures, disinfection and appropriate quarantine procedures based on recommendations by government and health agencies.

What we will continue doing:

as part of our Code Orange drill, our response including steps, mechanisms, and collaboration with agencies will be ramped up periodically to improve efficiency and to reduce exposure risks and to protect our employees, customers and all stakeholders we interact with.

Monitoring updates from key institutions and governments globally

What we are doing:

We have a team dedicated to our response to this pandemic and have Business Continuity Plans to ensure the continuation of services and support. We are closely monitoring updates from the Centers for Disease Control, regional healthcare bodies and the World Health Organization regarding COVID-19. We are monitoring the updates as data clusters and in isolation across outbreak hotspots.

What we will continue doing:

We will continue to seek guidance from these agencies, public health officials and government agencies on an ongoing basis. We will continue to comply with all mandates issued by local and federal authorities as well as the World Health Organization.

Continuity of Business

What we are doing:

While we work towards securing our employees and customers, we are also working to ensure that such activities cause the least bit of disruption to our customers, partners, and other stakeholders. A team of senior leaders is monitoring every project from a Continuity of Business perspective to ensure business continuity. As of now we do not anticipate any delays or disruptions to any of our projects and committed deliveries, if this changes we will inform the affected parties at the earliest and do our best to mitigate any risks. The monitoring from our SOCs continue to be 24X7 and all safeguards are in place to ensure that your threats are mitigated and your data is protected. We have implemented virtual systems that give us granular control and better data protection mechanisms that allow our SOC analysts to investigate and mitigate threats remotely but prevent any data from being accessible outside their virtual environments thus ensuring the highest levels of data privacy and compliance. We have stepped up our internal monitoring and auditing too at this time.

What we will continue doing:

In addition to the above activities, we will also open up new avenues and ramp up mechanisms to protect delivery schedules and all commitments. In this effort, the health of our employees, customers, stakeholders, and community will be accorded the highest priority.

Our commitment to our customers and our communities

The role our network plays in keeping people connected is incredibly important in times like these. We have been investing in technology and increasing network capacity to meet the growing demands of our “always online” culture, and this includes having in place proper contingency plans to ensure service continuity for you, our customers.

The safety and health of our customers and employees are of the utmost importance and we will be monitoring the Coronavirus situation and updating our policies as the need arises. Please reach out to me in case you need any further assistance or clarification on our response strategies, tactics, and approach.

At Subex we will be doing our best to enable our employees to be responsible global citizens, we look forward to your support and as always, remain open to suggestions and ideas that can help defeat this pandemic. We wish you, your employees and partners and their families the best of health. We are sure that by working together we can overcome this crisis and look forward to the future with hope and increased resilience.

We encourage you to reach out to your contacts in Subex, in case you need further information or clarification on the above.

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